Research Profile:

  • PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics.
  • Key Area’s: International Finance, Firm dynamism, Globalization, Policy Evaluation.
  • Approach: Using granular approaches (big data) to provide evidence based answers to economic and business problems
  • Fellow Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), London, UK
  • Fellow of the Royal Flemish Academy For Sciences and Arts
  • Expert Advise for NBK, NBB, ECB, IMF, OECD, major firms

Key Leadership Positions

  • Currently I am the Dean of the Graduate School of Business at Nazarbayev University (NUGSB) in Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Economics subject group at the University of Liverpool Management School (2018-2020).
  • Dean of the School of Economics and Business at Leuven University (2005-2009)
  • Founding director of the Center for Regional Economics, VIVES, Leuven University (on leave). 
  • During the financial crisis (2009-2010) I was an economic adviser of the Bureau of European Policy Advisers, at the office of President Barroso of the European Commission.
  • Director of LICOS, Center for Transition Economics, Leuven University (1997-2004)

email: joep.konings@nu.edu.kz

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