Latest research

International Shocks, Variable Markups and Domestic Prices
Mary Amiti, Oleg Itskhoki, Jozef Konings (forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies)

Tax credits and job creation by multinational enterprises
Jozef Konings, Cathy Lecocq & Bruno Merlevede, in VOXeu

Declining business dynamism and information technology
Gert Bijnens & Jozef Konings, in VOXeu, accepted in Small Business Economics

The Return on Information Technology: Who Benefits Most?
Emmanuel Dhyne, Jozef Konings, Jeroen Van den bosch and Stijn Vanormelingen, CEPR Discussion Paper


My research focuses on international macroeconomics, firm dynamics and globalization, using ‘big data’ analysis. Here is an overview of my key publications:

Working Papers

Working papers are an outlet for my fundamental research while ‘under development’. Currently my focus lies on the drivers of macroeconomic performance of countries and regions


I have covered various courses at the undergraduate level in Economics and the graduate level (PhD Economics; MBA; Master Programs).


Great minds don’t work alone. Discover my team with tomorrow’s brightest researchers in economics, at VIVES, KU Leuven.


Jozef Konings obtained his PhD in Economics at the London School of Economics in 1994, where he was a student of Nobel prize winner Christopher Pissarides.